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SOLO-BUCKET packs serious power in a small package. No other device of this kind can do what it can. Applications are numerous and users are finding new ways to light up their way every day. 

No electricity …

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Rural Electrification
Communities living without connection to the grid need rapidly deployable power.
Border Patrol
Border patrol may require use of electronic equipment in regions without power.
Remote power for military and medical applications.
Power your camp site with SOLO-BUCKET.
Field Operations
Engineering and research in remote areas using SoloBucket™.
Backup Power
Stack SOLO1 Hub for more power.
Off-grid Home
Power a remote home or take your home off grid. Add to your power system one bucket at a time.
Need power on the water - SOLO-BUCKET.
Small Business
Create a small business where there is no power.
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SOLO-BUCKET is a available in different configurations. Go to our online store for more details on various models and availability.

Small Business

Create a small business where there is no power.