In order to bring light, power and education to Africa and other places where access to power is non-existent, we you to be part of the solution by donating SoloBucket.

We have partnered with various programs in Africa specifically where SoloBucket can be part a resource in remote locations.

What is the importance of light?

30% of all accidents in rural Africa are a result of burns. Burns happen predominantly as a result of open fires and the use of kerosene and other flammable elements. The simple provision of light can eliminate accidents. Light can bring education and care to regions that are almost forgotten in the modern world.

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Light = Life

The best of both. Get a SoloBucket™ Basic and give another to a family with no access to electricity. We will ensure a SoloBucket™ makes a difference bringing light, life and education to those less fortunate.

We will deliver a SoloBucket™ Basic to a home without access to electricity on your behalf. We have partnered with not-for-profit organisations working in rural locations to bring life, light and education.

Help us bring education and medical services to remote regions with limited resources. SoloPower will supply 9 SoloBucket™ Basic units to a rural school or clinic with no access to electricity. Your name or organisation name will be added to the bucket packaging should you wish (no contact information will be shown).

45 SoloBucket™ Basic units will be delivered on you behalf to a community with no access to electricity. 45 homes or a combination of homes and other communal buildings will finally have power and light. SoloPower will add your name or organisation name on the bucket (no contact details will be included).

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SOLO-BUCKET is a available in different configurations. Go to our online store for more details on various models and availability.