SOLO1 is a kit including the battery hub, flexible solar module, 2 LED lamps and cables in a 25L bbucket. Add your accessories and battery as required from the available options.

Please note, when selecting any 'Custom' option, the minimum quantity order is 450 pieces (1 X 20' container). Colour RAL codes, artwork and other elements will be confirmed for full container orders.


Hub Colour
Bucket Option
Battery Option
Inverter Options
  • Battery Hub:


    Each Battery Hub includes the following as standard:

    - Charge Controller (Specification below) with 2 USB ports

    - 4 X IP67 12VDC LED Lamp sockets

    - 1 X IP67 Solar socket

    - 1 X IP67 12VDC Car Receptacle (car lighter socket)

    - 1 x IP67 Rocker Switch


    Charge Controller Specification
    Product Type 10A Solar Charge Controller
    Battery Voltage 12/24VDC (Automatic)
    Charge Current 10A
    Dsicharge Current 10A
    Max. Solar Voltage <50VDC
    Over Discharge Voltage 10VDC
    Over-Charge Voltage 14.4VDC
    USB Output 5V/3A
    Self-Consumption Power <10mA
    Operating Temperature -35˚C ~ 60˚C
    Certification CE

    Batteries Supported



    Other items included with SOLO1:

    - 2 X 3W LED (DC) Switched lamps on 5m cable (more can be ordered)

    - 8m PV Cable  to connect PV Module

    - Multi-purpose Bucket Lid

    - 72Wp PV module (Specs below)


    PV Module Specification
    Rated Power (PMax) 72
    Voltage at PMax (Vmp) 17
    Current at Pmax (Imp) 4
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 24
    Connection Type MC4
    Dimensions (mm) 378 X 2,741


  • If a DC~AC inverter is added to your SOLO1 unit, please indicate the appropriate socket type required for your region. Available options are:


    Name Countries Voltage Current (Max)
    Type A USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan 100~127 15A
    Type B USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan 100~127 15A
    Type C Europe, South America, Asia 220~240 2.5
    Type D India 220~240 5
    Type F Europe, Russia 220~240 16
    Type G UK, Ireland, Malta, Singapore 220~240 13
    Type H Israel 220~240 16
    Type I Australia, New Zealand, China 220~240 10
    type N Brazil 100~240 10


    For further clarity, please click here.



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